Thursday, December 31, 2009


I wasn't paying attention and failed to note the arrival of 2010. Despite getting laid off 2009 wasn't a bad year for me. I wasn't enjoying my job much at the end and early retirement was financially feasible but not the sort of thing I was likely to do on my own. So, after the initial shock, getting fired wasn't the worst thing in the world for me. Kind of like having your spouse leave and discovering you are happier without them.

Things seem to be looking up a bit for the rest of the country as well. At least immediate disaster seems to have been averted. However the economy still seems quite fragile to me. It's nice that the markets are up but the speed and magnitude of the rise are a bit unsettling as they suggest another bubble. And the politicians aren't helping by failing to do much of anything constructive to prevent future crises. And the oil is running out which isn't going to be good.

Oh well perhaps things will work out alright. Here's hoping you all have a good 2010.


  1. Good luck in your new endeavors, James!

  2. I wish the same for you.