Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Job search update

Back in March I applied for a security clearance which was granted in November . The costs of obtaining the clearance (which I believe are considerable) were borne by a potential employer so it seemed likely that an employment offer would follow. This has proved to be the case as I received an offer letter Tuesday.

Strangely enough my feelings about this are a bit mixed. I have found I don't miss working all that much and it was becoming apparent that I could get by financially. Also the new work location is about 90 miles from my current home so I will probably have to relocate. On the other hand getting a salary (and benefits) in addition to my pension will certainly improve my financial position. And it seems unlikely that there are a lot of better jobs around. So I am leaning towards accepting.

The position would be temporary (with the possibility of becoming permanent) but this doesn't bother me too much since early retirement has its attractions. It does mean I will be cautious about buying rather than renting if I relocate.


  1. Congratulations on expanding your set of options! Can you say anything about the nature of the work?

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