Saturday, September 5, 2009

Verizon update

I complained back in March that my internet service provider, Verizon, was not letting me send emails with my resume attached. At the time I was unable to get Verizon to admit there was a problem much less fix it. However I just checked and the problem appears to have gone away. I don't know when this changed or why.

My new complaint about Verizon is that they are dropping support for Usenet newsgroups as of September 30. I must admit their explanation of reduced demand is plausible. I actively participated in several Usenet newsgroups in the 1990s but have not done so in some time although I have continued to read a few sporadically. But it is still a little annoying to have Verizon unilaterally drop part of their service without a price adjustment (especially since I was required to commit for a year when I signed up).

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