Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comment weirdness

When commenting to my own blog I sometimes get a can not be processed please try again error message. I don't know what is causing this but resubmitting the comment generally works. So don't let the message scare you off.


  1. I have this popping up on average every second time I am posting.

  2. My experience is that posting of a comment always fails on the first try but succeeds on the second.

    A more annoying problem for me is that I must engage in a search to find new comments when they are responses to old blogs. (Is there a trick that I don't know?) With this in mind I here respond to a recent comment on a week-old blog, which postulated that political views ("conservative" vs. "democrat") are genetic and "cannot be switched."

    My own observations suggest that there more likely is a gene that enables its carrier, among other things, (a) to hold an opinion if and only if he can support it with arguments based on reasoning and evidence and (b) to formulate refutations for all opposing arguments that he finds unconvincing or instead (c) to change his mind when he finds the counterarguments to be irrefutable. The gene has an allele, apparently dominant, that disables these skills; no credence can be given to the inadequately defended opinions of its carriers, who "cannot be switched."

  3. Finally, an agreement! :))
    And, as Socrates wisely said: "Get a life!"