Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Verizon rant

As I noted here I recently upgraded my home internet service to broadband. With Verizon as it happens. I was quite happen with the service until I tried to send an email with my resume attached. Verizon has an outgoing email spam detector which appears to classify any email with an attached resume as spam and block it. There is an appeal procedure but it has so far proved useless. I also tried complaining directly to Verizon via their live chat feature but (consistent with the experience of others as reported in this forum ) received no useful assistence as the support agent didn't seem to know anything about the filtering of outgoing email.

Needless to say this is rather annoying when one is looking for a job.


  1. Are you sending your resume as a PDF or as a Word Document? A few years ago, my e-mail service was blocking my outgoing mail with attached Word documents because I unknowingly had a virus in Word. Verizon might be blocking Word Documents because of this issue. I've found that I almost never have problems sending PDFs.

    - Rachel

  2. Actually it was plain text. Other plain text attachments work fine. The spam dectector appears to be recognizing it as a resume and rejecting it on that basis. Additional interaction with Verizon technical support has been time consuming and futile. Fortunately there are workarounds.