Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was asked in comments a couple of days ago whether I was doing mathematics while out of work. Somewhat sad to say, the answer is no or at least not seriously. While with my former employer I gradually did less research level mathematics until in the final years I was doing programming almost exclusively. So at this point I am rather out of touch with the current research and am not very motivated to get back into it.

Some people can work for years on a problem without much interaction with other people. I am not really able to do this. So as I gradually lost contact with the mathematics research community I became less productive. And I became more interested in other things.


  1. The numerous comments on the mathematics of vaccine trials have filled the entire list of recent comments, possibly forcing off comments that I have not seen concerning other blogs. It would be helpful to have a way to look further back in the list of recent comments until I get to one that I have seen before. (This comment if off the subject, but I am trying to make it likely to be seen,)

  2. I can choose the number of recent comments to display but that is all. It is currently 7. I could raise it to 10 but that wouldn't help in this case.

  3. James, thank you for your candid response. I find it a bit sad, too, as I believe your talent, a scarce resource anywhere, may not be fully utilized this way. I hope some interesting challenge will find you soon.