Thursday, September 10, 2009

New York mini-COBRA expanded

New York state has passed a law extending the 18 month federal COBRA period (during which you can stay in your former employer's health plan) to 36 months in New York state. This would be helpful for me but it is unclear whether the law applies in my case. According to the FAQ :

The law effects policies or contracts issued, renewed, modified, altered or amended on or after July 1, 2009. For most policies, the new benefit will apply on the policy’s annual renewal date. You can check with your insurer to determine the renewal date.

I was terminated effective February 26, 2009 but will be still be covered under federal COBRA on the renewal date (which I think is near the end of the year). Does this mean I am then entitled to a renewed policy for the remainder of the federal COBRA period which must contain an option to extend for an additional 18 months under the new state COBRA law? Hopefully, but it seems unclear.

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