Thursday, January 7, 2010


Someone asked in comments whether I could talk about what I would be doing in my potential new job . The short answer is no. At the moment I don't know the exact limits about what I would be allowed to talk about but it is clearly not very much and I would prefer not to say anything rather than worry about inadvertently crossing a line. This is another reason I have some mixed feelings about this offer.


  1. Yep, don't get yourself in trouble unnecessarily, everyone will understand. Blogging about work has proven thin ice for many in the past.

  2. I asked, and (not that it should matter)of course understand fully.

    My haldner must've had a good winter break, as s/he understands too:-)

    (I reversed the middle three chars of a word in the previous sentence just in case. Feedback on the appropriateness of my humor and/or my level of paranoia is welcomed.)