Saturday, November 21, 2009

North County Trailway again

Last Monday I walked on a section of the North County Trailway I had never been on before. This is the section from Pleasantville Road south to North Bedford Road (117) which is about a mile and one half long.

I started from the Briarcliff Library which is just north of Pleasantville Road. I parked in the library parking lot. There are some library parking only signs but I figured the rest of the lot was ok. This lists the Briarcliff Library lot so I guess I was right. The parking lot was enlarged when they added on to the library so there is plenty of space.

This section of the trailway is not very good for communing with nature. Going south Route 100 (aka Saw Mill River Road, aka New York 9A) is nearby on the left and the Taconic State Parkway comes in to parallel Route 100 a bit further away. On the right are mostly the back yards of houses and South State Road. It is better than the section north of the library which runs on the shoulder of Route 100 for a while.

The photo shows a straight stretch just south of Pleasantville Road where the afternoon sun displayed the last of the fall color to advantage. Route 100 is just off to the left.

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