Saturday, June 13, 2009

North County Trailway

I took a walk today on the North County Trailway . The trail follows an abandoned railroad right away and goes on for many miles. The portion I like best lies between route 134 and route 118 and crosses the Croton Reservoir.

The trail goes under route 134 just before route 134 runs into route 100. You can park on the south shoulder of route 134 and walk down to the trail. Following the trail north it is about a mile to a bridge over the Croton Reservoir. The trail then soon crosses route 118 where there is a small parking area on the north side. I generally park on route 134 as it is closer to where I live and I like walking towards the bridge as a destination.

Summer weather around here can be hot and humid making walking a bit unpleasant. Today was ok, cloudy and humid but not too hot. The vegetation along the trail was notably lush and green. The trail is paved which is nice except that it attracts cyclists who can sometimes be annoying as they whiz past.

I took the picture in October 2000 looking east from the bridge over the Croton Reservoir. The bridge in the distance carries Route 100.

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