Monday, November 2, 2009

Westchester elections

Westchester has elections for local offices Tuesday so I was getting robocalls Monday. I suppose I will vote although I have little knowledge of or interest in local politics. Which means for many of the races I will be choosing between a bunch of people I have never heard of.

For county executive I am voting for Astorino over Spano. Spano has been in office for 12 years already which I figure means this mess is his fault.

For county district attorney I am voting for the incumbent, DiFiore. She seems to be doing a better job than her predecessor, Pirro . DiFiore authorized the DNA test which freed Jeffrey Mark Deskovic , a weird local kid who was convicted of a murder he did not commit and spent 16 years in prison.

I was in the same room as DiFiore when she briefly came by to glad hand while I was serving on a grand jury earlier this year. I was a bit surprised by how old she looked in person although she is actually slightly younger than I am.


  1. You're supposed to be checking into DiFiore's qualifications rather than how old she looks to you. I doubt you would have made that comment if the candidate had been a man.

  2. Uh oh James you stepped right into this one :)
    But I am glad your choices were spot on.

  3. Well I said I thought she was doing a better job than her predecessor, the notably photogenic Pirro. And I was shocked by her appearance. If I was similarly shocked by a male candidate's appearance I would also have commented on it.

  4. Does it matter what they look like just so long as they are competent? It's true candidates with good hair seem to win out, which seems unfair overall.