Monday, November 9, 2009

Teatown Lake Reservation

Teatown Lake Reservation is another park near my former place of employment which I never bothered to really explore while I was working. It has lots of trails and recently I have been trying them out.

Monday I was a little put off by an USG Air Quality Alert (for particulates) which I eventually decided to ignore. I parked in the Lakeside Lot which has a billboard with a large more readable version of this trail map . I decided to take the back forty loop trail (which is at the bottom center).

At times the air did seem rather oppressive, hot and humid, as I made my way up a long slope as the trail followed a power line cut. The view from the top was nice. Normally around here the views even from the tops of hills are obstructed by trees but in power line cuts the trees have been cleared providing longer sight lines.

On the backside of the loop I took the waterfall trail which connects to the Briarcliff Peekskill trail. The waterfall along the way is more like a cataract but nice enough in a Japanese Garden sort of way. I returned to the loop trail and then diverted again on a shortcut trail which follows the power line cut to Spring Valley Road. Strangely although this trail is clearly marked at Spring Valley Road the entrance is plastered with Con Ed no trespassing signs.

I then took the Lakeside trail to return to my car. The picture was taken as the sun was setting over Wildflower Island.

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