Sunday, November 15, 2009

Edge of Darkness

I just finished watching the 1985 British 6 episode miniseries "Edge of Darkness" which was recently released on DVD. I have liked other British miniseries like "State of Play" but I found this one ultimately disappointing. It had its good points but the cumulative effect of the ridiculous plot eventually became too much for me. I thought the final episode particularly weak although to some extent this just reflects problems latent in the earlier episodes. According to one of the special features on the DVD numerous alternative endings were written suggesting some awareness of a problem but not one which I think was solved satisfactorily.

Another minor irritant was the special features on the first DVD of the 2 DVD set contain footage from the final three episodes on the second DVD of the set. This also happens with TV series on DVD sometimes. Season 2 (for instance) special features will talk about things that happen in season 4. The assumption seems to be you have already seen the whole series but I generally haven't and I don't like spoilers however minor.

Anyway although "Edge of Darkness" received considerable acclaim, it isn't that great in my opinion. Like "State of Play" it is being remade as a movie. Perhaps this time I will like the movie better.

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