Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stone Walls

While walking in the parks around here I often see old stone walls. Some of them are surprisingly well made and are still in pretty good shape especially considering how old they must be. I had been under the impression that New England farmers built stone walls mostly to just have a place to pile the rocks that would constantly appear in their fields. In which case no great workmanship or long life would be expected. However it appears there was more to it than that.

... Some farmers could build a wall with stone that was found on their farmland. Most farmers however, had to steal or buy the stone. ...

Surprisingly (to me anyway) stealing stone is still a problem .

I took the picture Thursday in Kitchawan Preserve . This time I explored the trails on the other side of the North County Trailway . Incidentally I have found the trail map for Kitchawan preserve linked in my earlier post does not exactly depict how the trails are currently blazed.

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