Saturday, October 10, 2009

Half Moon Bay

I went out to Croton Point Park again today and took some photos. The weather was nice but windy. The wind brings out kitesurfers in Half Moon Bay which lies to the north of the Croton Point peninsula.

The buildings behind the kitesurfer are the Half Moon Bay (on the left I believe) and Discovery Cove condominiums. The Half Moon Bay developer went bankrupt around 1990 and the project was completed as Discovery Cove more than a decade later.


  1. You missed me in your photo - i am 1/2" to the left outside the picture windsurfing :) Windsurfers are much less visible on the water compared to kiters, of course. On such NW windy days windsurfers launch from Croton Landing ("Swamp Hole", where I launched from) or Ossining ("Maui Beach" right next to Sing Sing). For northerly winds most kiters launch from Croton Point. What a marvelous day!

  2. Yes, I sometimes notice kitesurfers when I am at Croton Point Park but I don't remember seeing any windsurfers. Some days you also see a lot of sailboats on the Hudson but there weren't many Saturday. This was a bit after 4 pm.