Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pundit contest

The 10 finalists in the Washington Post pundit contest have been announced . There were about 4800 entries so it is not too surprising that my entry did not make the cut. Perhaps it is just as well considering the nasty comments some of the entries are attracting.

I have posted my entry here .


  1. Loved your entry.

    In February, my investment advisor recommended the preferred stock of an A+-rated company named Lehman Brothers. Within half a year, the entire company was worthless. So how could anyone have rated that risk as A+? Did I get my money back because of outrageous fraud and misrepresentation? Of course not--not a dime. And no one has gone to jail!

    As for the Washington Post Pundit Contest, I also entered and lost. Two of the entrants should have been disqualified under the contest rules--they write for The Atlantic and The American Prospect. (Although they should have been disqualified for their lackluster entries.)

    You can write to and ask that the contest rules be properly enforced.

    I have a feeling that you could have picked ten entries at random and have had writing just as good as the winners. I'm disappointed in losing, but it's nice to know that I'm part of a good club.

  2. Those who have lost money in the stock collapse are indeed motivated to comment on this problem....I also believe this to be a well thought out response. My own opinion is that we can trust no one with our cash and our mistakes should be our own.