Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogger problem

Blogger was having having problems last night making it impossible to view some blogs including mine. Things seem to be fixed.

This seems like an opportunity to solict feedback. Anything you all would like to see more of? Less of?


  1. Keep on writing, I enjoy reading your posts every morning. Sometimes I feel the urge to comment but other times just thinking about the idea does it. Absence of comments does not relate to degree of interest in the content, at least in my humble case. On top of it, some of the articles and topics you pick truly educate me and for that many thanks! This is one reason why I abstain from influencing your selection preferences.

  2. I like your critical analyses so I'll vote for a little more of those. Also your puzzles. But I'm leery of messing up a good thing so I'd prefer you interpret these as at most incremental nudges.