Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother Jones

Last October Kevin Drum announced a contest to predict the results of the November elections. I entered and was fortunate enough to be one of two winners. My prize was a subscription to Mother Jones magazine. When I returned from Denver I enquired as to why I had yet to receive any issues. Apparently whatever the problem was has now been straightened out as I received my first issue (dated September + October 2009) today.

Mother Jones magazine is named for Mary Harris "Mother" Jones an early American radical and labor leader. As might be expected it is on the left. I had not read an issue for many years. It doesn't appear I have missed much, the issue I just received wasn't very interesting. The cover story was about a trendy bottled water, Fiji, which I had never heard of. Apparently it is not as good for the environment as it likes to claim. Not too surprising as importing bottled water from Fiji seems pretty absurd from an environmental standpoint.

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