Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When I got a physical a couple of months ago my doctor recommended getting a colonoscopy . This is a standard recommendation for patients over 50. I had previously been wary but what with a relative recently dying of colon cancer and my medical insurance under Cobra running out it seemed like a good thing to do.

I had the exam on Tuesday. The prep on Monday involved not eating, taking a couple of pills, preparing about 2 liters of a solution and then drinking it a few hours later (spaced as a glass every 10 minutes or so). Then on Tuesday morning I had the exam. I was given anesthesia which put me completely out. When I woke up it seemed to wear off quickly although you aren't supposed to drive for 12 hours.

The exam detected a polyp which was removed. The doctor said it looked benign but would be tested (which takes a couple of weeks).

All in all a bit less obnoxious than I expected.

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  1. Let's hope everything goes well with the test. It's good you had it done.