Monday, August 17, 2009

Bottom of the ninth

In August 1997 I attended a San Diego Padres baseball game at Qualcomm Stadium . Although the stadium seemed fine to me the Padres moved to Petco Park a few years later. In the later innings of the game I took a few pictures in which the scoreboard is visible. Thanks to the magic of the internet this allowed me to figure out the exact date and game situation. The game was the Chicago Cubs at the San Diego Padres played on August 17, 1997. The Cubs won 6-5. The picture shows the first pitch to Carlos Hernandez batting with two out and the bases empty in the bottom of the ninth. This pitch will be a strike but Carlos will later single. Unfortunately the next batter will strike out and the Padres will lose having been unable to come back after going down 4-0. Since the game started at 1:07 and lasted 2:58 the picture was taken around 4 pm.

I generated the picture by scanning a 5.25 by 3.5 color print at 600 dpi. Although some sources claim that scanning color prints at more than 300 dpi is usually pointless, scanning at 600 dpi definitely gave sharper results in this case.

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