Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health care reform

Much of what is being currently written about health care reform is partisan propaganda. Below I link to a couple of columns which aren't and with which I largely agree.

From the left, here is Ezra Klein on why insurers aren't the main problem. He writes in part:

... And in a broader sense, this isn't a war between reformers and insurers. It's a war between reformers and the economic forces that have prices millions out of health insurance. In general, insurers, like everyone else, are the slaves to those forces rather than the drivers. And the unhappy truth is that the drivers are some of the most sympathetic actors in the health-care system. ...

From the right, here is Ross Douthat on why we sometimes have to say no to grandma. He writes in part:

Medicare’s price tag, if trends continue, will make a mockery of the idea of limited government. For conservatives, no fiscal cause is more important than curbing this exponential growth. And by fighting health care reform with tactics ripped from Democratic playbooks, and enlisting anxious seniors as foot soldiers, conservatives are setting themselves up to win the battle and lose the longer war.

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