Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dakota Badlands

In September 1991 while driving on I90 in South Dakota I took a brief detour through the Badlands National Park along the Badlands Loop Road . This was a while ago and the main thing I remember is that it was hot. Not too surprising as the air conditioner in my car was broken and I was too cheap to get it fixed.

I believe the photo was taken from an overlook along the loop road. It was taken with my old Kodak 110 camera. Not a very good camera but it was at its best in bright sun.


  1. I have to say there is art in your photos. The composition and the colors combine so well that I always stop and look. Hmm, are you sure you are a mathematician :)?

    Cheapening out on AC is a bummer (been there done that)

  2. I think one of the secrets of taking good photos is just to take a lot of photos. Then you will occasionally luck out and get a good one. Of course it helps to be using a reasonably good camera that can handle a range of conditions automatically.