Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV evolving?

I don't watch broadcast or cable TV much. However since I got a netflix subscription a few years ago I have been watching old TV series on DVD. I just finished watching all seven seasons of "Homicide" (which is about Baltimore homicide cops and aired from 1993-1999) and have started watching "The Rockford Files" (which is about a southern California PI and aired from 1974-1980). The contrast between the series is interesting. "The Rockford Files" appears a bit primitive and dated compared to "Homicide". In part this is just due to things like the noticeably older cars in "The Rockford Files" which reflect the 20 year difference in when the shows are set. And advances in camera technology may also have had an impact. However there are more substantial differences as well. For example "The Rockford Files" seems to be full of somewhat mindless car chases while "Homicide" has hardly any. Perhaps TV is evolving and becoming more complex. Or perhaps I am overgeneralizing.

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