Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tax shift

As a condominium owner, I was disturbed to read in my morning paper about a bill (A4588-A, S-1706-A) that will likely increase the share of property taxes paid by condominium and co-op owners in Westchester County. I see no good reason for altering the longstanding property tax status of condominiums and co-ops. The bill has passed the state assembly and is pending before the state senate. Hopefully the current deadlock in the state senate will prevent passage.

It was particularly annoying to read that my state assembly representative, Sandra R. Galef (90th district), was a cosponsor of the bill in the assembly and my state senator, Suzi Oppenheimer (37th district), is the main sponsor of the bill in the state senate. Something I will remember come election day.


  1. Sorry, but does this really surprise anyone? Both ladies are D and steady tax increases are the way to go to solve most problems for democrats. Condos are just one small pebble in the paving. What is a "no good reason" for your logically working mind is totally good for the Sandy & Suzi combo - they need the money to patch something else with it. what? not good enough?

  2. Raising everybody's taxes is one thing, acting to shift the burden from single family houses to co-ops and condos is something else. In theory Democrats should be sympathetic to co-op and condo owners who are likely poorer on average than the average single family home owner around here. Of course I realize in practice subsidies for homeowners have fans in both parties.