Monday, June 1, 2009

Car trouble

So GM joins Chrysler in bankruptcy . It is hard for me to be too concerned about their fate because not only have I never owned a GM or Chrysler car I don't remember for sure ever driving one. There has been a lot written about the decline of the domestic auto makers but the issue of brand images seems a bit neglected. Somehow for me (and I suspect many) the domestic brands became cars for low class stupid people. No doubt this is unfair but lots of marketing does not work on any sort of rational level. Obviously whatever their other problems it is hard to succeed with that sort of brand image. And I don't see government ownership helping much.

I have owned and rented Ford cars and perhaps as a result am less biased against Ford than GM or Chrysler. Still I didn't look at Fords when I was in the market last year. And it is difficult to compete against massive government subsidies. It is hard to see things working out well for any of the big three.

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