Friday, February 28, 2014

Patent Issued

My last day of work at IBM was just over 5 years ago.  So I was bit surprised to see in my mail today a check from the IBM payroll department.  It turned out that on January 28, 2014 the US patent office had issued patent 8,639,737 for an invention I made while employed by IBM which entitled to me to a small award from IBM's patent incentive program.  The application was filed March 8, 2008 and was derived from an earlier application filed May 27, 2005.  Which all seems like a very long time ago at this point. 

While it was nice in a way to get this reminder of a past life it is also going to complicate my taxes for 2014.  This is New York state income so I will have to file a New York state return and I will likely end up over withheld with respect to social security.

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