Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Practice to Deceive

I recently read "Practice to Deceive", a 2013 account by Ann Rule of a killing in Washington state and the eventual trial and conviction of the killer.   Long ago I read Rule's 1983 novel, "Possession", and really liked it.  However this seems to have been a minority opinion since the rest of her many books (as far as I know) have been in the "true crime" genre.  I have read a few of these and didn't like them as much.  She is competent enough at what she does but the books will mostly appeal to fans of the genre (which I am only in a very minor way). 

I found this book pretty mediocre.  I just didn't find the crime or the investigation or the cast of characters all that interesting.  Another issue is that no clear cut motive was ever established (although there seems little doubt of the convicted killer's guilt).  This is a little unsatisfying if you like things wrapped up neatly at the end (although perhaps some readers will enjoy speculating about what the full story was).

So in my view there is little reason to read this book unless you are a huge fan of the genre (or Ann Rule).

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