Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vox and Falkenblog

I have added Vox, where Matthew Yglesias is now writing, to my blog list.  This is Ezra Klein's new venture which he left the Washington Post to start.  Another of their writers is Brad Plumer.

I recently discovered Falkenblog by Eric Falkenstein, a 1994 economics PhD who has held a variety of finance jobs.  I won't be adding this blog to my list as he stopped updating it last September to avoid any conflicts with his latest job.  Also he can come across as a bit of a crank particularly when he moves away from finance to post on things like politics or evolution.  And he has a Yglesias level propensity for typos and other careless errors which can make him hard to understand.  Nevertheless I found some of his finance posts quite interesting and plan to comment further on some of his major themes which include missing risk premiums, low volatility investing and relative utility functions.

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