Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shipping Options

TurboTax (the tax program I have used for the last few years) was on sale at Amazon this week so I decided I might as well order a copy although I won't be ready to do my taxes for a while yet (still waiting for a lot of the tax documents I will need).  So naturally I chose the free but slow shipping option over the faster but more expensive choices that Amazon also offered.  Curiously when I was placing the order (late Monday night) this free option showed an expected delivery date of next week but when I received a confirmation of shipping the next day the expected delivery date was Thursday (when it duly arrived via the USPS).  Which leaves me wondering if Amazon is deliberately giving pessimistic arrival times for the free shipping option on the checkout screen to discourage use.  And if so about the legality of this. 

The program installed without any trouble which was a bit of a relief since if I recall correctly I had considerable difficulty getting it to install correctly last year (perhaps connected with a malware problem I had early last year).

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