Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obstructed View

I recently got a ticket for obstructed view because my car's front side windows were tinted.  This was a bit annoying as the dealer in Colorado who sold me car had assured me the light tint was legal in all fifty states.  But it turns out  that any tint at all on the front side windows is illegal in New Jersey (as well as in Vermont and New Hampshire).  Something you might think the state inspector could have mentioned when I had the car inspected in order to register it in New Jersey.  Possibly I could have gotten the ticket dismissed by going to court and showing I had removed the tint.  But as a practical matter it was simpler just to pay the $54.

On the brighter side, as claimed on the internet, it wasn't difficult (with the aid of a fabric steamer and a tweezers) to remove the tint (which is actually a film applied to the inside of the window) myself.  The internet seems to be a good resource for simple do it yourself car repairs.  When I got something caught behind a cup holder in the center console so that the lid wouldn't open fully I found an internet video which showed how (for my car model) you can take apart the center console (without using tools).  This allowed me to get at and remove the obstruction.

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  1. Tinting your car’s windows is actually prohibited in most states unless it’s a medical necessity. It's too bad that the deal gave you the wrong information when you bought the car. Well, it’s good to hear that everything is okay now. The internet can be quite handy about these matters. At the very least, you did not have to pay anything extra, just to get those tint off. Anyways, have a good day!

    Kevin Nash @ Window Tinting