Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blog Roll

I have removed Nate Silver's 538 blog from my blog roll until such time as it restarts following Silver's move from the NYT to ESPN.  I have added educationrealist a blog by a high school math teacher which seems mostly consistent with my views on education.  Namely that the public schools are doing about as well as can be expected and that the main reason some kids do better academically than other kids is that some kids are smarter than other kids.

I have also added the Mr. Money Mustache blog by a man who retired (sort of) at age 30 by saving a ridiculous fraction of his income.  I find his point of view interesting although I often disagree with it.  And there would be problems if everyone tried to adopt his ideas.

I would like to add Kevin Drum's blog at Mother Jones to my blog roll but I have never been able to get the link to work properly in the Blog List widget.  For some reason it sends you someplace else in the Mother Jones website although the link works fine in the body of a post as above.  If anyone knows how to fix this let me know.

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