Sunday, August 11, 2013

Traffic Report

Last weekend I drove up to Connecticut.  I took the Saw Mill to I684 and was cruising along in the right hand lane when someone in the middle lane cut in front of me and then slowed abruptly.  I had to brake hard to avoid hitting them.   It turned out they weren't just being a jerk, the traffic from people trying to take the I84 exit had backed up a couple of miles on I684 creating a rather hazardous situation.  I rather belatedly (it had been a few years) recalled that I had encountered this before so it is a longstanding problem.  In this case I84 itself was fine, the issue was one exit lane wasn't enough to handle the volume.  However if I recall correctly the problem can also arise because of slowed traffic on I84 which is only two lanes at that point.   There are signs near the exit warning about slowed traffic but it appears there is a need for more warning signs a couple of miles further south on I684.

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