Monday, August 26, 2013

Millstone River Park

There is a new hospital, University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, near my townhouse.  As part of the deal to construct the hospital a park, Millstone River Park, was created next to the hospital complex.  When I first checked it out last April I wasn't too impressed, it seemed kind of barren and boring.  But just a couple of months later in June it was more impressive with a spectacular display of wild flowers.  A lot of the wild flowers have gone to seed but it still looked pretty good when I took the photo last Saturday.  The park does have some issues.  It is quite close to Route 1 and part of the park gets quite a bit of traffic noise.  And while the park is near the Millstone River for the most part it is separated from the river by a strip of private land.

The main park trail is a paved loop about one half mile long with some gravel spurs going off towards the river.  Along with the flowers quite a few trees have been planted.  Time will tell how well the trees do, some them don't look so good at the moment although perhaps some attrition has been allowed for.

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