Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tax shift update

Last month I complained about a bill then pending before the state senate which would likely over time increase property taxes for condo owners like me. As well as posting on my blog I sent emails to my representatives Sandra R. Galef (90th assembly district) and Suzi Oppenheimer (37th senate district).

Somewhat to my surprise I have received substantive replies. The good news is the bill is apparently dead for now. The bad news is both representatives continue to defend the bill and attribute its defeat to "misrepresentations" and "misinformation". However I am unconvinced I was mistaken in believing it would have adversely affected condo owners. The claim that "the bill doesn't increase taxes on any properties." seems rather disingenuous. As a result of the bill in the future some properties would pay more in taxes and some would pay less. Otherwise the bill would be pointless.

Supporters of the bill seem to think there is something underhanded about tax certiorari lawsuits. But of course these suits are only necessary (and successful) because local assessors are systematically ignoring the law and not updating assessments to reflect changing market values.

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