Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vin Scully

Last Sunday Vin Scully worked the final regular season Dodgers game (against the Giants in San Francisco) and then retired as the Dodgers play-by-play announcer.  He had started in 1950, before I was born and when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.  So a pretty remarkable career.

I can't say I listened to a lot of his broadcasts.  Growing up in Livermore, California I started following the Giants after they made the World Series in 1962.  Scully already had a reputation as a good announcer back then and some Giants fans preferred to tune in to the Dodgers broadcast when the two rivals played.  I don't recall being one of them but I certainly knew who he was and must have heard him at least a few times on the radio.  So his retirement brings back thoughts of times gone by.

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