Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Only Other Investment Guide You'll Ever Need

Having recently reread "Money Angles" by Andrew Tobias I decided to see what other books of his were in my local library. His book "The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need" was supposed to be there but apparently has been lost or stolen. But I checked out and reread the 1987 sequel "The Only Other Investment Guide You'll Ever Need". Although it is similar in some respects to "Money Angles" I didn't like it as much. One problem is the book comes across as more badly dated because it offers more of the kind of specific advice that depends on the details of things like current tax laws and many such details have changed. For example the book mentions at one point (p. 225) a tax on mutual fund advisory fees (which were to be included in income). But this tax on "phantom income" proved so unpopular it was repealed before it ever actually took effect.  Also I have read enough personal finance books that another version of fairly standard advice is not very interesting to me. 

I didn't hate the book, it does have some of the same sort of amusing stories I liked in "Money Angles".  And some of the advice is still good.  But if you are looking for a guide to personal finance I think you would do better with a more recent less dated book.    

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