Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Double Double Post

As I have noted before I check my bank statements.  Once a decade or so I find an error.  The latest example was earlier this week when I noticed my bank had for some unknown reason paid two of my checks twice.  When I complained my bank assured me that this was a "rare event" and that they would fix things.  And in fact the money is now back in my account.  Although as I suspected would happen I have lost two weeks interest. But since this amounts to less than a penny I suppose I will let that go.  As for how rare this is, the statement entries reversing the errors contained 10-digit reference numbers.  6 digits clearly indicated the date leaving a 4-digit sequence number.  So it appears my bank has to correct thousands of errors every day.  Probably this is still a small fraction of their daily transactions.

I will admit that I no longer try to verify that I being credited with the correct interest.  Perhaps I should.

1 comment:

  1. Squeeze that penny until it squeals. Although
    if you think of it another way, you actually
    saved the amount of the duplicated check,
    which could amount to hundredss of dollars.