Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Local Supermarkets

Early this year one of the supermarkets near my townhouse, the Super Fresh in Plainsboro, closed.  This didn't bother me much as I think I had only shopped there once.  However this week I learned the Stop&Shop a few miles up Route 1 is also going to close.  This is more bothersome as I had shopped there fairly often and will miss it.  According to the article at the Stop&Shop link there are plans to build a Shop-Rite supermarket a bit south on Route 1 (which would be closer to me) so maybe things will eventually work out for the better.

Apparently the Stop&Shop is the third supermarket to fail at that spot in a 20 year period.  This is a bit surprising as it seems like a good location with easy access to Route 1.   But perhaps the population density in the immediate vicinity is not as high as it could be.  I hadn't seen any indications of distress at the store, although in hindsight perhaps the fact that (at least at the times I was there) most of the checkout stations did not need to be staffed was a bad sign.    

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